Michelle was referred to the Inspired Performance Institute after overdosing twice earlier this year. Michelle needed help. She had been struggling with addiction for seventeen years and had been in residential programs in the past, but like most people, she always relapsed. Many of the current treatments for substance abuse have reported success rates of less than 10%!
Michelle had experienced significant trauma over the years. She is a survivor of domestic violence. Her husband was sent to prison due to the abuse, after he reportedly tried to kill her by strangulation, then died in prison three years ago. Ten months ago, Michelle’s new boyfriend died from an overdose.
Michelle’s addiction rendered her unable to provide safe and adequate care, so she also lost custody of her daughter to her parents. Michelle was in a very dark place at the beginning of this year, when she nearly died twice by overdosing.
Michelle made the life-changing choice to take her life back when she reached out to us at The Inspired Performance Institute at the end of March and her turnaround has been absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring! We are so proud of her and her success!
Here’s a summary of  Michelle’s comeback story:
Day 1: On April 4, 2019, Michelle completed the NeuroXP program at The Inspired Performance Institute. She shared how different the program was from any of the previous treatments she had tried, including multiple residential treatment programs and EMDR, which she reported wasn’t helpful at all.
Day 2: On April 5, 2019, Michelle began a follow-up treatment regimen that included daily sessions in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Theta Chamber. Michelle listened to the audios, which are an essential part of the NeuroXP program, while in the HBOT. In addition to the Walking Out Behaviors audios, and Gratitude audios, Michelle also listened to our special line of Addiction audios, as well as our Performance audios. Michelle began taking a protocol of nutraceuticals that included our Cleanse Shake, Probiotic, Multivitamin, and B-Inspired B-Complex from our NOWW (Neuro Optimization for Weight and Wellness) line of nutraceuticals.
View Michelle’s First Week here: Week 1
Day 7: On April 11, 2019, after only one week on the program. She is already noticing changes in her mood, energy levels, and her presentation is brighter.
Day 15: On April 19, 2019, Michelle has completed two weeks of the program. We added the Relax and Focus formulas to her nutraceutical protocol and substituted the Cleanse shake for our Neuro Shake.
View Michelle’s Week Two here: Week 2
Day 23: It’s April 27, 2019 and it has been over three weeks. Michelle has been diligently following the program and reports she feels better than ever. She loves the hyperbaric and says she even feels smarter! The future is looking bright!
View Michelle’s Week Three here: Week 3
May 3, 2019, after one month, Michelle is not only sustaining her sobriety, she is gaining momentum! Others are taking notice and she is getting recognized for performing better at work. She is experiencing new opportunities and feeling more optimistic about the future. Her self-esteem is increasing and she feels hopeful, as she moves forward towards her targets.
View Michelle’s Week Four here: Week 4
On June 2, 2019, two months after beginning the NeuroXP program, Michelle continues to thrive with no relapses and reports feeling stronger and stronger every day! Michelle has been completing the program perfectly! She has been following the protocol to the tee. She listened to her audios daily, took the nutraceuticals as recommended and completed sessions in the hyperbaric oxygen, HBOT, and Theta Chamber. She is overjoyed with her new lease on life!
Michelle has taken her life back and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here! Congratulations, Michelle! You inspire us all!
View Michelle’s Day 60 here: 2 Months